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Smoke alarms are a serious concern for Australian landlords who must ensure that a working system will alert their tenants in the event of a house fire.

While legislation varies across Australian states and territories, essentially all residential properties – including houses, units, flats and townhouses – must have smoke alarms that meet Australian standard AS 3786 installed.

Statistics from Country Fire Authority and Fire Rescue Victoria revealed 22 people died in preventable Victorian house fires in 2020 – an increase from 16 the year before and above the long-term annual average of 18.

Half of the properties where the fires broke out did not have working smoke alarms.

In the past decade, Victorian firefighters have responded to more than 32,000 residential fires.

No one wants to risk the lives of their tenants which is why the release of new Australian smoke alarm technology is now providing more peace of mind for landlords and their property managers.

Sensor Global has created a system that monitors your smoke alarms 24/7. This automated, self-monitoring system even sends an alert in the event of a malfunction or tampering.

This groundbreaking new system uses the latest Internet of Things technology and is fully compliant with legislation. Smoke alarms in your property are connected to a hub and cloud software platform which provides real time visibility of all devices.

Even better, this technology is comparable in price to a standard smoke alarm without the annual cost or inconvenience of a physical inspection. Installation can be carried out by your preferred electrical contractor and will take approximately 30 minutes.

Isn’t it time that you upgraded your smoke alarm to the smart Sensor Global system?