Sensor Water Leak Detector

MODEL: 217E-W01

Early water leak detection prevents extensive property damage

Phone Alerts

Instant notifications when water pooling or flood water is detected

Wireless connectivity

Connect up to 24 Water Leak detectors to a single Sensor Hub

Always on protection

Continuously active, providing immediate alerts when needed

Long-lasting Battery

A 5-year lithium battery lifespan with no need for mains power

Tamper Alert Motion Detection

Property Manager is alerted if the device is tampered with or moved

Compact Design

Designed to fit seamlessly under most water devices

Please do not move Water Leak Detectors as Property insurance requires devices to be in position

Early water leak detection prevents extensive property damage

Phone Alerts

Alert your phone when fire detected


Wireless communication with up to 20 detectors

Off warning

Mains supply off warning

Battery backup

3.0Vdc Battery backup


240V ac 50Hz mains

Mounting options

Suitable for Wall or ceiling mounting

Introducing the Sensor Water Leak detector

Series 217E-W01

The Sensor Water Leak Detector provides advanced property protection for owners and managers, minimizing the costly and inconvenient impact of water leaks in residential and commercial properties worldwide.

Connect the detectors easily to the Sensor Hub using QR codes, enabling installation throughout the property. With alerts for occupants and managers upon detecting a water leak, Sensor offers optimal risk mitigation.

Additionally, the upcoming Sensor Water Shut-off valve*, when installed and connected to the Sensor Hub, allows for immediate water shut-off upon detecting a leak, notifying occupants and managers for prompt action and reducing the risk of major damage. The Sensor Water Leak Detector and Shut-off valve revolutionise property protection and insurance.

* in development

Detecting water,
before water damages

Some common places a Sensor Water Leak Detector can protect.

Kitchens: Install under sinks, dishwashers, or refrigerators with water lines to detect any leaks that may occur.

Bathrooms: Position near toilets, sinks, showers, or bathtubs to quickly detect and prevent water damage from plumbing issues or leaks.

Laundry: Place under washing machines, utility sinks, or any plumbing connections to prevent potential water damage caused by malfunctioning appliances or pipe leaks.

Utility rooms: Use near water-related equipment such as water filtration systems, water heaters, or boilers to monitor for any leaks or failures.

Crawl spaces: Install in crawl spaces where pipes or plumbing connections may be located to identify leaks or excessive moisture that can lead to damage.

Basements: Place  near water heaters, sump pumps, or plumbing connections in the basement to catch any leaks or water accumulation.

HVAC systems: Position air conditioning units, humidifiers, or condensation lines to detect leaks or water buildup caused by system malfunctions.

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