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Do you know which of the smoke alarms in your properties under management are functioning properly right now?

Sensor Global’s smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices and connected cloud-based software delivers remote management, testing and monitoring of interconnected smoke alarms for the residential housing market.

The Sensor platform is the first to offer external communication capacity, multi-hub use, customer software integrations and remote automated testing for the community housing sector.

Our team has been motivated by the shocking Fire and Rescue NSW statistic that 56% of fire fatalities occurred in homes without a smoke alarm.

The Sensor Global ecosystem has been designed to give community housing managers the ability to automatically or manually test smoke alarms remotely and receive real-time alerts if there is an issue in the property – such as alarm tampering or a dirty smoke chamber due to dust or other obstructions.

Compliant with all Australian standards, the Sensor Global system improves community housing management while offering life-saving protection for residents.