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364x more compliant

SENSOR software allows round-the-clock monitoring of Smoke Alarms and Water Leak Detectors, providing peace-of-mind 365 days a year through innovative IoT.

Exclusive Offer: Landlords Can Get SENSOR for FREE**

Our insurance partner covers the SENSOR costs with their Property & Landlord Insurance package.



SENSOR always-on smart safety devices

Real time 24/7 visibility (line of sight) to all devices

Automated remote testing capacity (No physical inspection)

Software integration with core client management systems

Automated alerts of non-compliance events (alarm tampering by occupants)

The Sensor Cloud based CMS/SAAS system

Introducing the Sensor Cloud Software platform

Sensor’s intuitive cloud-based software provides you with a single dashboard with a live window showing the status of all properties in your portfolio. We understand how frustrating smoke alarm compliance can be for Property & Asset Managers and so created our world-first automated solution for complete control and line-of-sight to each installed Sensor IoT device.

The Sensor software integrates with your Trust and Property software, to ensure your properties are connected, making compliance foolproof and so that it’s an easier, and simpler process for you. The Sensor control panel is an ‘exceptions’ dashboard, so it just lets you know if there is a problem with any connected Sensor device across your portfolio. Smoke alarm testing on every connected property is remote and automated at the intervals you choose – the system even communicates with the tenant on the best time to engage remote testing. Sensor ends the hassle of organising keys and a time to access the property.

It also monitors interference with the system, so if a tenant removes or tampers with a smoke alarm, you’ll be notified, and the software will automatically record this event in its detailed audit trail.

Cloud Software that connects home safety hardware

Sensor Cloud Software

Saas CRM system

Sensor Hub

Connectivity control center

Sensor Smoke Alarm

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Water Leak Detector

Detects pooling water

Gas Leak Detector

(in development)

Full integration with your property management trust software

  • Fully integrated automatic reconciliation

  • Provide 24/7 evidence of your compliance

  • Automated work orders sent to your contractors

SENSOR partners

Elevating Security Standards with SENSOR

We are excited to share that SENSOR has achieved SOC 2 compliance, underscoring our commitment to the highest standards of security for property managers, asset managers, owners, and tenants.

SOC 2 and ISO standards like ISO/IEC 27001 are international frameworks designed to help organisations manage and secure information.

Benefits of SOC 2 Compliance for You:
Robust Data Protection: Through comprehensive audits, we ensure that critical data, including financial details and tenant information, is safeguarded by the strongest security protocols.
Enhanced Process Efficiency: Our SOC 2 compliance ensures that our operations are streamlined with well-documented procedures and clear lines of responsibility, enhancing overall efficiency.
Assured Regulatory Adherence: Adhering to SOC 2’s industry-leading practices for data security helps in reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and data breaches.
Competitive Edge: Achieving independent SOC 2 verification sets SENSOR apart as a trustworthy partner for property owners focused on data security, thereby enhancing our competitive position in the market.
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*Fire & Rescue NSW, Smoke Alarms in Homes – An Analysis – Document D15/102527

**Offer made by Landlord Insure, Excludes Strata properties. Subscription and Insurance Conditions Apply – Ask for a copy of the insurance PDS.