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Do you know which of the smoke alarms in your rental property portfolio are currently working or functioning correctly?

Are you fed up with the time and cost of organising regular smoke alarm inspections and the hassle of coordinating keys and access between tenants and smoke alarm inspectors?

Fire safety is vitally important – but only working smoke alarms save lives!

While annual inspections are mandatory, you can only really be confident that smoke alarms are working on the day that the rental property is inspected. They could fail at any time after the inspection.

However, groundbreaking new IoT (Internet of Things) technology means it is now possible to install a smart, 24/7 automated and self-monitoring smoke alarm system.

Sensor Global is revolutionising how smoke alarms are monitored and managed in rental properties across the country. These new “smart” alarms are connected to cloud-based software that offers remote management, testing and monitoring.

This system makes property management significantly easier, provides landlords with the best possible service and compliance, and it offers life-saving protection for tenants without the inconvenience of smoke alarm inspections.

Property managers will receive an alert if a smoke alarm fails, or if the smoke detector is tampered with. It means you only need to coordinate physical access when you know there is an issue.

Sensor Global’s smoke alarms are compliant with all Australian standards.

This groundbreaking technology is comparable in price to a standard smoke alarm without the cost or inconvenience of a physical inspection. Installation can be carried out by a preferred electrical contractor and will take approximately 30 minutes.

The system is guaranteed for five years and Sensor Global is currently developing water leak detectors and gas leak detectors which will also connect to the in-house hub.