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Are you fed up with the time, cost and hassle of coordinating property access to organise smoke alarm inspections across your community housing portfolio?

While annual inspections are mandatory, you can only really be confident a smoke alarm is working on the day it is inspected.

However, groundbreaking new IoT (internet of things) technology means it is now possible to install a 24/7 automated and self-monitoring smoke alarm system.

Sensor Global is revolutionising how smoke alarms are monitored in managed properties across the country.

These new “smart” alarms are connected to cloud-based software delivering remote management, testing and monitoring so that you will receive an alert if a smoke alarm fails, or it is tampered with.

Compliant with all Australian standards, Sensor Global’s smoke alarm system is guaranteed for five years. Water leak detectors and gas leak detectors – which can also be connected to the in-house hub – are currently in development.