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Knowing what you do is saving more lives is simply the best job. It’s like paying it forward. We will never know who we helped save, but thats okay

Andrew Cox - CEO Sensor Global

Does the Sensor Team have experience in the Sectors being targeted?

Yes. CEO/Co-Founder, Andrew Cox, is a highly experienced real estate and property development professional with over 28 years of experience in business strategy, marketing, sales, construction and operations. He was previously ANZ Sales Director and a founding shareholder of PropTech start-up, PropertySafe. Over a seven-year period, he directed and managed a team that produced sales in Australia and New Zealand of over 1,700 individual clients managing over 730,000 residential properties.

The Sensor product team and Directors also have extensive experience in the property management sector.

Can you simply describe the problem of the sector you are intending to disrupt and how you solve it?

Smoke alarms in rental properties are currently invisible to property/asset managers for 364 days a year, increasing risk to tenants and property. Sensor connects the Manager to the Property with Line-of-sight 24/7 365 days per year. Utilising Smart IoT devices and connected cloud-based software, the Sensor Ecosystem provides for complete management by exception, remote testing, and monitoring.

In addition, the flexibility of the Sensor hub installed in the property allows for up to 100 IoT devices to be linked, such as Water leak, Co2, and Gas Detectors, all of which enhance the overall value proposition.

Why is Sensor relevant now?

Legislation around Property Compliance and in particular, Smoke Alarms, and their interconnectivity is increasing and being adopted across the world. Australia, UK and the USA have very strong (and increasing) requirements for Property owners /Managers in terms of their requirements for providing as safe property to occupants.

Sensor is also currently reviewing opportunities created via new legislation in the UAE (current testing being undertaken). Sensors installed hub in the property allows for the connection of multiple and varying use devices, such as Leak detectors, Co2 and Gas detectors.

This provides for a strong value proposition in terms of changing legislation and the stickiness of the Sensor Product. We are not a “One Pony show”, restricted only to Smoke alarm compliance.

Why is Sensor’s ecosystem required by Property/Asset Managers?

The Management of smoke alarm compliance by property managers is generally a poorly managed, yet legislatively required activity for Property Managers and Owners of residential properties. In the Pre-Sensor environment Property Managers/Owners cannot be assured Smoke alarms are compliant (other than on a potential 1 day a year when they are tested.

The existence of the alarm cannot even be assured for the remaining 364 days each year. Sensor solves all these problems and provides Property/Asset Managers a line-of -sight into the properties (and huge efficiencies) to both confirm the existence and working/compliance status of every device connected to the Sensor network. 2

Have you tested the Sensor IoT devices?

Yes. In-home testing has been undertaken in two phases over the past 5 months both in Australia and now with initial installations in Austin Texas and New York in the USA.

The IoT hub device contains an international SIM GSM connection that performs in all markets. 3

What about ESG, do we care?

Yes, we do. Sensor is committed to ESG principles and will do our part to improve the lives of our team and customers and benefit the communities in which we operate. We will also help our customers tread a little more lightly on the planet.

Our People

  • Sensor is an equal-opportunity employer
  • We recognise the foundation of any business is its people and we aim to support our team and families
  • We support the ongoing professional development of our team
  • Sensor is an equal-opportunity employer
  • We recognise the foundation of any business is its people and we aim to support our team and families
  • We support the ongoing professional development of our team

Our communities

  • We encourage our team to support their local communities
  • We aim to assist our customers be compliant relative to legislation, to reduce their legal risks
  • We will support charities and organisations that support injuries and deaths resulting from fire in residential homes

Governance and Ethics

  • We will operate our business with a demonstrated commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct
  • We will seek to attain ISO certification as we establish our systems into market
  • We will always undertake fair, ethical, and transparent business dealings.
  • We seek to ensure human rights are maintained through our supply chain

Our environment 4

  • We are committed to operating out business in a manner that is responsible in terms of reducing the environmental footprint of the sectors in which we operate and contribute to global environmental sustainability.
  • Sensor’s products and software ecosystem by nature has a significantly positive impact on the environment in terms of reduced carbon emissions resulting from lower levels of road usage and reduced battery requirements.

What about environmental benefits?

In respect to reducing carbon emissions, Sensor provides a compelling environmental benefit. Resulting from the forecast adoption of the Sensor ecosystem, it is estimated we will prevent approximately 16,984 tonnes of carbon, being released into the earth’s atmosphere annually.

This is an equivalent weight of.

  • 99 x 747 aeroplanes in weight! or
  • 27 million laptop computers, or
  • 7,620 standard shipping containers……

Here’s how this is calculated.. 

As all Sensor Alarms are remotely and automatically tested when required, the Sensor ecosystem will significantly reduce ‘truck-rolls” by smoke alarm inspectors, as a physical test of smoke alarms in rental homes for compliance is not required.

While the numbers are not concise, it is estimated that by the end of June 2026, with a target 5 million+ rental properties being managed via the Sensor platform, the carbon emissions saving will be extraordinary.

Using and average vehicle, with a 10km driving distance saving per year, an annual saving of over 50 million driven kilometres would be achieved annually. According to, this would result in a saving of 16,984 tonnes of carbon, from being released into the earth’s atmosphere annually.


So, are we doing out bit? We think so! 

We will also reduce the need for approx. 15 million, 9v batteries to be produced, used and disposed of over a 10-year period, Another significant environmental benefit!