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Sensor Global is revolutionising the Australian housing industry with groundbreaking smoke alarm technology.

The Australian proptech is the first technology platform to offer the community housing sector a smoke alarm system with external communication capacity, multi-hub use, customer software integrations and remote automated alarm testing.

Sensor Global has invested two years of research, product development and testing to design a new safety ecosystem that is expected to be a game changer for community housing providers.

This unique platform assures smoke alarm compliance 24/7 using a simplified and automated workflow while replacing current and inefficient systems that require manual inspections.

In-built flexibility allows the IoT (Internet of Things) hub to also be connected to up to 24 IoT devices including soon to be released water leak detectors, Carbon Monoxide (CO) and gas alarms.

Compliant with all Australian standards, Sensor Global’s technology is comparable in price to a standard smoke alarm – without the cost or inconvenience of a physical inspection.

As a Power Housing Australia affiliate member, Sensor Global looks forward to actively contributing to the community housing sector, delivering world-first technology designed to keep residents safe.